What if "church" wasn't just a place?  What if "church" was what we do . . . who we are?


When we open our hearts to live a life inspired by God’s love, it can change the world.  It compels us to open our doors to those who are hungry, sick, or forgotten.  It leads us to reach out to those who are struggling.  It drives us to stand together for peace and justice.  When we live with open hearts, church can happen anywhere!

Conley's is a community of faith committed to following our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the best of our abilities.  Here you will experience grace and forgiveness.  And you will find fresh ways to express your own faith within a community of believers.  This opportunity is more important than ever as our society grows increasingly divisive and unforgiving.

So if you are a spiritual seeker who desires to explore the teachings of Christ and ask questions about God, or if you are a committed Christian who desires to sink the roots of your faith ever deeper and grow in grace, you can find a spiritual home here at Conley's.

​​Our current pastor, Bill Davis, started his ministry here July 2017 after twenty years of ministry in Maryland.  He and Susan have been married since 1990.  Susan works as a respiratory therapist, and is a Certified Lay Minister of the United Methodist Church.  Their oldest daughter, Holly, works in a pharmacy in Maryland where she lives with her husband, Joshua.  Their younger daughter, Anna, is working in a hospital in Delaware.  Their son, James, is attending college in Delaware.

Two Goals for 2019

Every year, our Vision Team prayerfully evaluates the ministries of our congregation and under the leading of the Holy Spirit identifies practical goals for the coming year.  These goals are presented for approval by the congregation at our annual Charge Conference.  The two important goals for Conley's United Methodist Church for this year are:

     1.  To establish and grow a ministry for families and youth.

     2.  To develop a strategic plan to reach out to our community, and especially to the new housing developments being built. 

Conley's is in the Dover District of the Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference.

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9AM - 2PM

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