What is CYC?
Conley's Youth Connection (CYC) is an after-school program offered by Conley's United Methodist Church as a gift to the local community.  It is an exciting way to help young people learn about God, build their faith, and form friendships.  This is accomplished through teaching basic Bible knowledge and helping children understand how to apply the Bible’s principles in their own life.  Conley's provides a safe and fun environment; an extensive Safe Sanctuaries Policy helps ensure the security of all involved. 
What happens at CYC?
Due to the present health crisis, Delaware public schools are not meeting in-person; therefore, we are currently developing an online version of the CYC program to offer this coming school year--details will be coming shortly. 
What are your educational principles?
We believe that education is more than simply imparting information; rather, it is the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, values, and habits necessary for a full and fulfilling life.  As Christians, we believe the teachings of the Bible are an essential part of a well-rounded education.  To help us pursue a successful, life-impacting program, CYC uses FaithWeaver Friends,  a curriculum developed by Group Publishing, a trusted source of material for a wide variety of churches.  Group Publishing believes that when people are physically and emotionally involved in the learning process, they learn and retain more.  Jesus used those same principles as he involved his disciples in learning experiences, object lessons, and interactive discussions - teaching methods to which people with different learning styles could relate.  The FaithWeaver Friends curriculum focuses on three core principles:
Kids grow their faith
through friendship
Small groups help children build long-lasting relationships with God at the center. Games and projects encourage children to help one another. No one will feel out of place or left behind.
Kids apply their faith
through service
We help children learn what loving others is all about by encouraging them to apply each week's lesson through performing acts of kindness and service for the people in their lives.
Kids own their faith
through self-expression
Children learn a weekly Bible verse and how that verse applies to their own life; then they get a chance to write or draw those lessons in their Faith Journals in ways that make sense to them.
What are your religious beliefs?
CYC's beliefs are those of Conley's United Methodist Church as explained on the church's we believe page.  However, the FaithWeaver Friends curriculum used in CYC is designed for a wide variety of churches and denominations.  It concentrates on the basic doctrines of the Christian faith; those beliefs about which virtually all Christian churches agree.  To see Group Publishing's Statement of Faith, or to find out more about their products, click on the FaithWeaver Friends logo to the right.
Is there homework?
No!  We understand that children are busy with school and family and other activities!  We do not want to be a burden on them or their families.  The only take-home activity is that children are sent home with a "Daily Challenge" reminder encouraging them to put their faith into practice.
Who is in charge of CYC?
CYC is under the supervision of Jay Bachman, the Director of Youth and Family Ministries at Conley's United Methodist Church.  Jay and his team of volunteers are all dedicated to ensuring the welfare and healthy spiritual development of the children entrusted to their care.  Everyone who works with children at Conley's United Methodist Church is required to pass a fifty-state background check, have an excellent reputation in the church and community, and meet all requirements of our Safe Sanctuaries Policy.

Our Goal: recognizing that youth are an important part of the community, we will help them to grow in their understanding and relationship with God, with family, and with one another.