Conley's Chapel


Image by Ivan Gromov

Special Observances:

Christmas Eve Service, 10pm

Good Friday Prayer and Meditation, noon-3pm

Thanksgiving Eve Service, 1pm

​Our congregation dates back to 1800 when a small Methodist society began meeting in the Angola Schoolhouse and quickly became known as the Angola Methodist Church.  In 1838, we were able to construct our own facilities here on Robinsonville Road.  The chapel was originally named Connelly's Methodist Episcopal Chapel in honor of William Connelly, the pastor and master carpenter who spearheaded the project.  Over the years, the name was shortened to Conley's Chapel. 

During the Civil War era, a cemetery was added, and in 1876 the original chapel was replaced by the present structure.  Through the years, the chapel has been lovingly cared for as it served as a house of worship for God's people, including a thorough renovation in 1901 and upgrades to the sanctuary in 1944.  In 1978, a fellowship hall was constructed adjacent to the chapel; today, the hall is home to Conley's Thrift Shop


Since the construction in 2010 of our worship center at 33106 Jolyns Way, the new facility has served as our primary house of worship; however, the chapel continues to serve our congregation and community on a limited basis.  In addition to Prayer at the Chapel on Wednesday mornings, the chapel hosts special services at Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, and the cozy atmosphere provides a warm, peaceful setting for small weddings and memorial services.


For more information about using the chapel for your special occasion,

contact the church office at 302-945-1881

Under ordinary circumstances, we offer Prayer in the Chapel every Wednesday morning; however, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, this ministry has been temporarily suspended.


When this ministry returns, we pray that this informal time of devotion will help participants to start their day focusing on God, and seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit as they prepare to go about their daily routines.  We also hope that this brief mid-week pause to spend time in God's presence will serve as an encouragement and source of strength for God's people as they continue to serve the Lord for the rest of the week.  Join us in this beautiful setting that has hosted worship and nurtured faith for generations.