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- Family Issues                                - Anger                                       - Substance Abuse

- Divorce                                          - Abuse or Trauma                   - Sexual Issues

- Marriage or Relationship            - Stress                                       - Grief or Loss

- Anxiety or Fear                             - Loneliness                               - Mood Disorder


Richelle Marvel

Licensed Pastoral Counselor

To make an appointment:

Richelle Marvel is a licensed Pastoral Counselor and Chaplain at Beebe Hospital.  She also provides counseling service

through Conley’s United Methodist Church.  She received her degree in Theology & Christian Counseling, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Crisis Intervention, Trauma & Grief.  Richelle is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA), and is a Certified Lay Servant of the United Methodist Church.


Temperament Counseling looks deep into our inner being and discovers who we were truly created to be.  This awareness of our true self not only helps us to understand our own strengths and weaknesses, but it helps to reconnect us to our Lord and Savior and brings balance and peace where turmoil and uncertainty once were. 


All her life, Richelle has felt the call to counsel.  As an accountant, she often found herself counseling clients when the opportunity presented itself.  Through the years, Isaiah 6:8 has resonated with her.  She feels that in a world filled with brokenness and pain, the selfless act and unconditional love of Jesus Christ for all humanity can be found in those who choose to serve.  “Here I am, Lord, send me!”

This service is available to everyone regardless of religious or political affiliation, age, race, gender, or disability. 

Contact Richelle directly for scheduling and fee information

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