In 1996, the United Methodist Council of Bishops mandated that every United Methodist Church have a “Safe Sanctuary” policy designed to protect the children and youth of the Church from abuse and molestation. 

Conley’s United Methodist Church is fully compliant with the Safe Sanctuaries policies and regulations of the United Methodist Church, the Book of Discipline, and the Pen-Del Conference.   Every individual who leads, works with, or transports the youth and children of our Church has been background checked and has a good driving record.  All volunteers who meet these requirements are given a laminated card indicating they have been approved to work with the children and youth.


At least two individuals who are at least 18 years of age, unrelated by blood or marriage, and five years older than the youth they will work with are required to supervise all events or activities which include the children or youth.


All Church facilities are Safe Sanctuary “friendly”.  Each classroom or meeting room is equipped with windows and convex mirrors to enable monitoring of all parts of each room.   As an added measure, a designated “Hall Monitor” is on duty every Sunday morning to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter the classroom wing of the building.

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9AM - 2PM

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